paul (gleet) wrote,

Music Weekly: Week 35: Fleet Foxes: Helplessness Blues

(mmm, I don't think it can really be week 35 of the year. Oops)

Well, Fleet Foxes. Whenever they did that Winter Hymnal Thingy song, I thought "oh, this is rather nice." I bought someone the album on the strength of that. They didn't like it very much, though they tried, they say. I then saw them support Neil Young at a big Hyde Park concert, and was underwhelmed. So I filed them as a band with a nice song and a poor catalogue.

Then, I kept hearing songs of theirs. Or songs that sounded like them, but really nice songs. Gently, melodic, beautiful, melancholy songs. Shazam confirmed whenever I used it that they were indeed songs off of their new album, Helplessness Blues, so I picked up a copy. And it is good. It even reminds be of the Beach Boys, which is high praise indeed.
Tags: recordshop2011
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