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Dr · Gleet

Music Weekly: Week 36: PJ Harvey: Let England Shake

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Well, I've always quite liked PJ Harvey, yet always found her quite hard to listen to. I've always put this down to not being quite cool enough, for she surely is cool. Then she won a prize for this, and I thought I ought to give it a go. I found, in a blessed circumstance of consistency, that I quite like it, but find it sometimes pretty unlistenable. I like the first song, the title track, but if I'm playing it through, I can't listen to The Glorious Land to the end, as I get that kind of embarrassed cringing feeling that I get when I watch that kind of Office-like or Borat-like comedy when you just can't bear to see someone behaving like they are. Only, this record is supposed to be serious, I think. Other than that, just repeating phrases does not always make good songs. Ostinato has never looked so bad.
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