paul (gleet) wrote,

Music Weekly: Catching Up (III)

Week 47: Atlas Sound - Parallax had been suggesting that I listen to Atlas Sound for some time. Probably since early on in the year when I got a Deerhunter album and listened to it quite a lot. Atlas Sound is the solo project of the Deerhunter front man, Brandon Cox. It has, unsurprisingly, a similar sound, but a little sparer, slower, and less accessible. It's jangly and trebly, and mostly tuneful.

Week 48: Wilco - The Whole Love
I first came across Wilco as the co-conspirators, with Billy Bragg, in the Mermaid Avenue album, which put music to some Woody Guthrie lyrics that were never used. That album was fantastic, and since then I've made periodic attempts to get into Wilco as a band in their own right, largely without success. The Whole Love grabbed me from the start. The first song is a tour-de-force - quite proggy, heavy, melodic and catchy. The whole album is enjoyable. Time to dust off Sky Blue Sky, I think.

Week 49: Real Estate - Days
Real Estate were a recommendation from someone on a Galaxie 500 mailing list I've been a member of for around 15 years. The list is in a fairly slumbering state, but pops into life occasionally, such as at the end of this year when people talked about some of the things they'd been listening to, and enjoying, in 2011. It's a suitable choice for a Galaxie 500 fan, since it's rather ethereal and languorous. Reminds of the Mamas and the Papas a bit, too.

Week 50: Jim White - Drill a Hole in That Substrate and Tell Me What You See
I hadn't heard of Jim White at all, but this album was the last one that Howard recommended to me this year. He reminds me of a MOR version of Tom Waites. It's listenable enough. Radio 2 should play it, if it doesn't already.
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