Dr Gleet

His own antiparticle

8 August 1974
I teach physics at University and am maintainer of the following fine communities:
  • showyrscrabble: for sharing pictures of scrabble games,
  • show_your_hat: for sharing pictures of yourself in a hat,
  • housebling: for sharing pictures of highly-decorated houses at Christmastime,
  • commuting_tales: to share commuting stories, mostly in the south-east of England, and
  • shoppinglists: to share pictures of found shopping lists

I like last.fm. Here is my profile.

My Google calendar: I think you should be able to see free/busy info, but I can add you to the permission list, if you like, for the gory details.

If you want to IM me, I'm most likely to have remembered to log on to aim or google talk.

bathing as procrastination, beer, being scared of albania, bishop's stortford, breaking cafetières, chasing cats, cider, comforting rabbits, commuting, confusing truro with thurso, crosswords, dance, eating nothing but crisps, electrelane, five or more word interests, flora, hats, hertfordshire, knoxville, last.fm, losing my glasses, mashed potatoes, nuclear physics, peanuts, polar bears, potatoes, pretty rabbits, proactive isn't a word, proust, puns, quietness, rabbit mouths, rabbit yawns, rabbits, radio 4, roast potatoes, rod hull/roy hudd confusion, salt, salted peanuts, salty potatoes, sautéed potatoes, scrabble, songs with clapping, songs with handclaps, sporks, suits, the faeries, wilfully misinterpreting signs, will self's voice